ROBOBOX features the newest technology and it's your gateway and best way to enjoy network life, right on your TV. 100% LEGAL! PLUS NO FEES, NO MONTHLY BILLS.

BENEFITS: ROBOBOX is Plug and play. Wifi Built-in. Turn your TV into an Android with ROBOBOX. Your own powerful mini computer for internet, email, 3D TV, Skype Chat. Plus you can Stream live on TV, NetFlix, Youtube, PBS, PBS Kids TV and much more.

ROBOBOX Now includes: 2.4ghz wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and air mouse. hi-fi audio out. full 1080p High speed wi-fi & Ethernet.Android Addons 

adding things to favorites

More info

more INFO button

Press the "MORE INFO" button to open more options for any selection.

Using the arrows keys on your remote, Highlight and select an option. In this case we Highlighted "ADD TO FAVORITES"
(Shown center in photo above)

Your new ROBOBOX comes with with over 1700 of the most popular addons. Such as Exodus which happens to be our fave and one of the most popular. Also, be sure to browse all the VIDEO ADDONS loaded on your ROBOBOX.

No need to update ROBOBOX! All enabled ADDONS will update automatically for you when ROBOBOX  is on.

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